sábado, febrero 19, 2005

Difficult to focus 

Many big ideas about ideas. And all I want to do is play, relate, expand in my concern for what ought to be. Yes, ask me what that it is and I'll go off to a monologue.... again.

I will summarize at some point my experience in the OSN2005 conference. The most interesting activity was joining webhead friends with the social networkers at TappedIn. Indeed interesting to witness belonging to a group (its been a year since my initial indoctrination), and talking to new friends about the webheads.... odd. I've never been too comfortable with the talking about others. Nor of boasting about myself either. But, needless to say, what else is there to talk about?

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viernes, febrero 11, 2005

Listening to the Social Networks Keynote 

Press here for the sound feed


Howard Rheingold, Lisa Kimball, Joi Ito speak about the following interesting topics worth further discussion:

* how inclusive/open should networks be?
* how is "literacy" about on-line networks different from face to face networks?
* how are we now "full time intimate communities"?
* how in our mobility is our presence facilitated by interactive tools.
* is the purpose of communities beyond social networks?
* and what is the output of communities, and how it impacts economy and work....?


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lunes, febrero 07, 2005

Thinking about building on-line communities 

and finding the concept of interaction most crucial not only as instrument to convey knowledge, but also as a tool to develop the community.

And what better than to post here a picture that Rita from Argentina just sent me about our face to face meeting in Yale University in New Heaven earlier in January. We spent a few hours together cruising through campus. We got a Yale scarf for weejohn, we went to the post office to send a job application (yes I am looking for work... and any leads are welcome--- how about that for networking!), we visited The Beinecke Rare Book and Manuscript Library and we had a wonderful lunch!

We talk about integrating as many on-line tools to our communication, and I find that adding the element of care, love and physical contact remains most exemplary.

Even Justin got into the sense of it... sharing about he's having been in Japan and excited to be waken to our enthusiasm....

let's see if he joins us too on-line.

Ok, here we go....

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domingo, febrero 06, 2005

Continuing a thread.... 

how can technology be used spontaneously to foster relationships beyond the verbosity of monologues?

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jueves, febrero 03, 2005

About adding an rss feed into your blog 

This is an excerpt of a conversation with Bee in which she walked me through the process of opening an account at blogliness adding atom feeds into the account as well as posting a feed button on my blog. Here it goes….

do you know bloglines?
open an account there...it's for free
READ the instructions
you will be able to aggregate...which is different from when
you syndicate by putting the code in your blogger
the aggregator reads the code
so in your blogger
turn the atom feed on

open your blogger account
click on the blog you want to syndicate
go to settings
and click on site feed
check yes,
descriptions short
ok and saved
at the bottom you have site feed url (an url which finishes with xml)
so this is the syndication of your blog...this means that I will copy this address into my bloglines if I want to read you
when it becomes visible you can look at the source code...or if you make it visible by adding a small orange Atom Feed link to your template
so...now...you go to bloglines and open an account
and I will show you how to aggregate
you have to insert the icon in your blog ...later

open a bloglines account
double click on new user....
download the bloglines notifier and install it ...then you have a little icon on your tray and only have to click for it to open
what does it notify? that people have added messages to their blogs
ok...so now go to the tab my feeds at the top

"It's easier to specify the time between updates, and longer intervals are available Clicking on the Bloglines icon now always brings up a browser window; previously it would only do that if you had new items to read A new browser window is used instead of reusing an existing window Clicking on the icon to bring up your Bloglines account also resets the unread count in the notifier to 0; if you have a long update interval this will prevent false unread readingsSeveral bug fixes"

now go to a webpage and click on an atom feed button
click on it
copy the address at the top
in the url
and throw it into your subscribe line of your bloglines
go to bloglines
click on subscribe
and the address will appear in the window of the left
you can open new folders and organize your bookmarks later
see if you can open a folder named evo05
then you can throw all the addresses there
in updated items choose display as new
in display preferences ask for summaries
access private
should be somewhere in the left window
every time you see an orange button...atom or rss..this means the page is syndicated
and that you can aggregate it just the way you did now

how do I add the icon and the link so you can grab the feed?
go to your template in blogger and add the following code:


then the button will be added when you change your template, and republish your blog

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martes, febrero 01, 2005

Social Presence... on-line 

I've been struggling with not only figuring out my own sense of self, but how presence is witnessed on-line.

Those in close communication with me... as in interaction, and conversation with me know about my skeptism about an on-line environment being able to fully reproduce the wealth of experience found in a culture. Rapidly we go to asseverate that these means allow for a plethora of global interchange.... the question remains, to what extent is the interchange culture.

The central role of language in social presence is unquestionable... and in on-line environments it requires literacy, as in competence with text and oral speech.

When Halliday says:
...language is a form of interaction, and it is learnt through interaction; this, essentially, is what makes it possible for a culture to be transmitted from one generation to the next.

the instrumental function of language is acknowledged but as a transmission tool, it is not culture.

Hence, in online environments,language could serve for the production of culture, but it is not a culture. Paradoxically, on line, culture would need to be represented as language.

Halliday, M.A. (1978) Language as social semiotic. University Park Press: USA.

(where is that dictionary?)


Function: noun
Etymology: Medieval Latin, from Greek plEthOra, literally, fullness, from plEthein to be full -- more at FULL
1 : a bodily condition characterized by an excess of blood and marked by turgescence and a florid complexion
- ple·tho·ric /adjective


Function: noun
Etymology: Latin paradoxum, from Greek paradoxon, from neuter of paradoxos contrary to expectation, from para- + dokein to think, seem -- more at DECENT
1 : a tenet contrary to received opinion
2 a : a statement that is seemingly contradictory or opposed to common sense and yet is perhaps true b : a self-contradictory statement that at first seems true c : an argument that apparently derives self-contradictory conclusions by valid deduction from acceptable premises
3 : one that possesses seemingly contradictory qualities or phases

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