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About adding an rss feed into your blog 

This is an excerpt of a conversation with Bee in which she walked me through the process of opening an account at blogliness adding atom feeds into the account as well as posting a feed button on my blog. Here it goes….

do you know bloglines?
open an account there...it's for free
READ the instructions
you will be able to aggregate...which is different from when
you syndicate by putting the code in your blogger
the aggregator reads the code
so in your blogger
turn the atom feed on

open your blogger account
click on the blog you want to syndicate
go to settings
and click on site feed
check yes,
descriptions short
ok and saved
at the bottom you have site feed url (an url which finishes with xml)
so this is the syndication of your blog...this means that I will copy this address into my bloglines if I want to read you
when it becomes visible you can look at the source code...or if you make it visible by adding a small orange Atom Feed link to your template
so...now...you go to bloglines and open an account
and I will show you how to aggregate
you have to insert the icon in your blog ...later

open a bloglines account
double click on new user....
download the bloglines notifier and install it ...then you have a little icon on your tray and only have to click for it to open
what does it notify? that people have added messages to their blogs
ok...so now go to the tab my feeds at the top

"It's easier to specify the time between updates, and longer intervals are available Clicking on the Bloglines icon now always brings up a browser window; previously it would only do that if you had new items to read A new browser window is used instead of reusing an existing window Clicking on the icon to bring up your Bloglines account also resets the unread count in the notifier to 0; if you have a long update interval this will prevent false unread readingsSeveral bug fixes"

now go to a webpage and click on an atom feed button
click on it
copy the address at the top
in the url
and throw it into your subscribe line of your bloglines
go to bloglines
click on subscribe
and the address will appear in the window of the left
you can open new folders and organize your bookmarks later
see if you can open a folder named evo05
then you can throw all the addresses there
in updated items choose display as new
in display preferences ask for summaries
access private
should be somewhere in the left window
every time you see an orange button...atom or rss..this means the page is syndicated
and that you can aggregate it just the way you did now

how do I add the icon and the link so you can grab the feed?
go to your template in blogger and add the following code:


then the button will be added when you change your template, and republish your blog

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Thanks Karen for reposting the instructions I gave you informally through YMessenger. But you have cut out a bit, haven't you and the information out of context is not the same, is it?
Hi Bee,,,, quite observant. Yes I deleted my nonsense.... but I think that the "meat" is here....

Is there anything missing? Would you be successful following these instructions?

probably a wiki would work better here... but this is what we've got!
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