lunes, febrero 07, 2005

Thinking about building on-line communities 

and finding the concept of interaction most crucial not only as instrument to convey knowledge, but also as a tool to develop the community.

And what better than to post here a picture that Rita from Argentina just sent me about our face to face meeting in Yale University in New Heaven earlier in January. We spent a few hours together cruising through campus. We got a Yale scarf for weejohn, we went to the post office to send a job application (yes I am looking for work... and any leads are welcome--- how about that for networking!), we visited The Beinecke Rare Book and Manuscript Library and we had a wonderful lunch!

We talk about integrating as many on-line tools to our communication, and I find that adding the element of care, love and physical contact remains most exemplary.

Even Justin got into the sense of it... sharing about he's having been in Japan and excited to be waken to our enthusiasm....

let's see if he joins us too on-line.

Ok, here we go....

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