viernes, abril 29, 2005


ok, and as a guide says about multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary:

what, interdisciplanary and multi?
-i think it's the same thing... one is reaching across to other disciplines
-you think?... No!
-ok, so what is the difference
- then why do you need a different word for it?
- multi means many...inter means between
- or even disciplines for that matter
- so one is thinking of the numbers, the other is thinking of the relations
- kindda
- but ultimately a different take on the same thing, that is an approach not limited to one field or theory... explaining phenomena accross or between disciplines
- kindda...
- inter = between
- but then you add.... "exactly!"
-it's merely a question of the latin, multi means many
- and puff.... my order goes off to the air...
- inter means between
-so are you thinking of an approach in terms of how many disciplines you are using
...as in more than one ... or are you thinking in terms of bridging areas between disciplines for one problem

- I think there is really no pure discipline
-but it works out the same
-does it?
- the exact difference is whether you're stressing the plurality of your approach... or the connectedness of your approach
- (I don't think so...look at you with economics and english...)
- like saying is this slice of the orange different from the next one?...we called this one a slice and the other one a segment... but it tastes the same
-or between oranges and pears..

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