viernes, mayo 13, 2005


I’ve been thinking about a comment brought up by a student at the end of class last time. That cramming increases anxiety and panic, which does not lead to learning. I was alarmed! Here we are cramming in this course… NO WONDER!

(Yes, I notice my message is incomplete…. My wonder is perennial)

Sometimes it feels that my whole life is a cramming…

And I realize that learning, timing and tempo go together. And that it could mean that we have to be attuned to the tempo, to get the timing right…. And learn!

Humm, where is that research about cramming?

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Why is it you have to explain to others about what happen in class play by play. ... As for the "cramming" statement from what I understand about cramming and the definition is: to study hard just before a test; and with that stated in this program where we do have six weeks of five hours per class it may be considered cramming but it is also something that should be congratulated upon for those who participate in this type of program, because they are trying to better themselves while working and taking care of a household. Most of the uniqueness of this program comes from the indidviduals who participant in this type of program because they bring personal/work related issues to the table and are able to relate that with school. thank you
Karen your apathy towards your students is apparent. I would be greatly insulted and angry for your comments.
Trust me we are angry especially since we are not allowed to tape record classes becuase of the personal information that is said ( which also adds to this wonderful and unique program), but this professor can repeat everything on the web where any one around the world can read it.
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