jueves, junio 23, 2005

Are we teaching, training, preaching or what? 

It does not cease to amaze me! (a direct translation… of course!)

Just finished from facilitating a virtual session with Doris’ gang in Maracaibo, Venezuela over at the webheads office in Learning Times. Two seniors where there… Daf (and Sus appeared at the end...late in Denmark) whose presence always feels good… and the two of us roockies… a.k.a las “embelequeras”. Ay bendito… them folks in Maracaibo have a way …and an energy, that is why I go along with Doris!

It is interesting to see patterns in initial contacts with the technology in the virtual classroom. Amazing to move beyond the voice and the text and expand into the visual and software potential available to us. Although lately I have been stuck with just words… since I have not gone back to my html habit, nor moodling…. just absorbed with blogging… humm it is taking over my attention….

Are we teaching on-line or training? What are the virtues of live webcasting when a recording would convey the information in a cleaner/pristine fashion?

I just heard about 30 people clapping at the end of about 2 hours of our being on-line preparing and hearinging about engineering projects that participants developed. Their presentations were nice to hear. Not only was there the challenge of the language and the technology, but the message was about what they knew best! The level of comfort varied among the groups and I wished I had a camera to see their arrangements. So I let my imagination roam…

For the moment I must say that I firmly believe in learning by doing! Although lately I keep facing more difficult challenges in everything I do. Wondering if it is a function of middle age… my sin-cuentonas group would have an opinion about that! hummmmm do challenges become steeper as we move on in the learning curve … is it higher as we go along?

Looking back at the virtual experience I gather that I need to find a way to convey the essence of the contact I want to make with the audience through my voice, my choice of words and pictures. I must work on building my virtual persona. And then, how can we encourage interaction in the presentations. … It was another interesting experience. Here is the webcast.... Kudos Venezuela group !

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