miércoles, junio 22, 2005

Back to virtual learning 

and delighted to witness how much I've learned in a year! It's been about that long since the virtual classroom in Learning Times has been a resource for coordination and development of learning experiences. I will be paying attention to how the motivational framework offered by Doernyei (2001) could be applicable there. I look forward to seeing how the colleagues in Venezuela fare with their Engineering projects.

One thing that has become evident in talks with others on-line is that blog entries should be shorter than what I've constructed during my face to face teaching. Ahhh, another topic to research... what is the ideal blog post length? Someone must have quatified that one!

Better go back to my paper on the Myth of on-line multiculturalism.... look at what I found at Doris' webpage... a machine to make citations!

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