viernes, junio 17, 2005

It is nice to breath fresh air… indeed. 

And I am still vibrating with the classroom experience that just passed, wondering if there was enough time for constructivism to unfold.

I am convinced about participatory methods being crucial for learning. And in that last experience wondering what resources could have been added to prevent the strain, stress—“entropy” that detoured our hurried gain. Reflection acknowledged a comprehensive exposure to Social Psychology. And for some of the classmates a curiosity was sparked to pursue the field further.

Definitely the motivational framework was useful to maintain the focus on behaviors leading to learning. Must figure out how to translate those 35 items into a rubrics…. For the moment I will be reading an article on motivation which seems comprehensive: Latham and Pinder (2005) Work Motivation Theory and Research at the Dawn of the Twenty-First Century, Annual Review of Psychology, 56:485-516.

Of course, there are many issues pending in the reflection about teaching and learning:

Should students witness the thoughts of their teacher? Must teacher’s be omnipresent, perfect? Is it detracting for students to witness a teacher’s uncertainty? This is a biggie. I struggle with power differentials. I don’t even like the use of the concept student/teacher in the classroom.

Another issue is the use of words used for descriptions of classroom phenomena. This one is also related to power, and education is political. Of course a description of an experience is recognizable by the actors! Otherwise, it would be fiction. The important realization is that upon recognition of ones behavior adjustments are then made to reach desirable descriptions in the future.

Since my intention is to be constructive, I’ve adjusted my accounts of the classroom to a generic and non-personal level. My understanding is that my voice, even as I describe others, projects me… my account of my experience. So even when I talk about personal issues I am ultimately representing myself. Read some about this issue of private and personal writing using blogs at: Blogging thoughts: personal publication as an online research tool by Torill Mortensen & Jill Walker

The use of blogs as instruments for reflection about teaching is gaining interest and in this experience has shown some benefits. There is a list of blogs available in the following blog which gathers Educational Weblog Articles

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