jueves, junio 30, 2005

Two Puerto Rican women and a civic group have been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize. 

This is big news because not only it acknowledges the work of women from Puerto Rico working for peace, but also people whose work have left an imprint locally in the Pioneer Valley (Western MA., USA… from where I am writing at the moment).

"Nilda Medina, co-founder of the Committee for the Rescue and Development of Vieques, Maria Reinat-Pumarejo, co-founder of the Institute for Latino Empowerment (ILE), and the civic group "Alianza de Mujeres Viequenses" (Viequense Women's Alliance), have received the distinction for their work to demilitarize Viequez. This tiny Puerto Rican island was used by the US Navy for military exercise and weapons training and testing for 63 years." (AP)

go to Vieques Libre for more information

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