viernes, julio 29, 2005

Freedom of Speech, censorship, lipservice and blogs 

Reviewing my thoughts and concerns I realize that my silence is easier than examining and reviewing each word I project verbally and or in writing. I’ve been doing that lately, being silent here while reviewing how projecting my ideas has an impact.

We’ve submitted papers for publication dealing with a culture of silence, with gaining a voice and about actually harmonizing that voice. so the bias is towards expressing thoughts, ideas and reflections. and then…. the realization of the impact that those words have. and that is carrying reflections, monologues.. words, to the next level… to dialogues.

And then evidence is clear that a filtering of the expression is required, specially when performance is under scrutiny. OK.

While scanning Downes OLDAILY I was directed a while ago (July 8, 2005) to an article in the Chronicle of Higher Education in which a search committee describes how their review of blogs from candidates to faculty positions negatively influenced their decision making process. I am aware that goggle quickly directs searches to this page and that in essence, I choose to have a voice through this blog. Likewise, if a judgment against my candidacy is taken without giving me the opportunity to advance a dialogue, then that decision is the correct one, since that verdict also signals a culture of silence.

Much more has to be said about these issues of privacy and public self-expressions in blogs. We must truly respect diversity online and in essence nurture it beyond lipservice.

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