domingo, julio 03, 2005

“Harmonics Online –The Blended Learning Classroom”* 

a paper presented by
Karen Garcia, Renata Suzuki and Doris Molero
“Harmonics Online –The Blended Learning Classroom”
June 30, 2005
for discussion at the
International Conference of Distance Education
(CIED 2005)

* The purpose of this document is to complement the information offered at the panel: "Gaining a Voice: Re-Viewing a Blended Global Online Teacher Training Program". This document highlights the procedure, assets and resources used leading to the virtual experience which will be described in the panel and available in the video archive of the session. This is an abridged version of a thorough examination of the Blended Learning Classroom experience submitted for publication by Garcia and Suzuki (in press).

We are getting ready for our virtual presentation at the International Conference taking place in San Juan, Puerto Rico at the beginning of August. A working document was just submitted and we will be setting up soon the details for the presentation about the blended online project that we completed last winter among a virtual community of practice and English teachers in Venezuela utilizing Annenberg’s “The Learning Classroom” course.

The course material was used in a face to face learning environment in Venezuela and each module adapted for its use in a virtual classroom housed at Learningtimes.org. A description of the project by Jonathan Finkelstein Executive Director of Learning Times follows:

"Karen and Renata recently completed teaching an original "hybrid" or "blended"
course called "The Learning Classroom", which they adapted from the pre-packaged, free asynchronous course by the same name on the Annenberg/CPB http://www.learner.org/ web site. Renata and Karen combined the free video resources and reading materials on the Annenberg site, with synchronous communication in a virtual classroom to lead English language teachers in South America through a 13-week peer mentor learning experience with members of a global virtual community of practice. According to an advance copy of a book chapter Renata and Karen have authored about this teaching experience, "discussion [in the course] focused on how best to adapt this content to the Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) environment, how to apply it to adult learners and particular challenges of online teaching." LearningTimes.org provided the base of operations for the interaction among learners in this hybrid learning experience."

We submitted a chapter for publication describing main issues learned from the experience and we will be presenting that work in an international conference sponsored by the International Council for Open and Distance Education (ICDE) next August.

Let me know if you want to be virtually present during the presentation.

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