sábado, julio 30, 2005


Last winter (2004) a study group was formed in which following Doris Moleros’ initiative, teachers in Venezuela meeting face to face and a group of webheads completed a unique blended learning experience. The course “The Learning Classroom: Theory into Practice” (published by Annenberg/CPB) was reviewed during 13 online sessions in which the content of the course and the skills in the use of the virtual classroom at Learning Times were addressed. The experience was documented and is currently awaiting being included in a chapter to a book (in press) written by me, Karen Garcia and Renata Suzuki: “Gaining a Voice: Re-Viewing a Blended Global Online Teacher Training Program".

The opportunity to talk about the Blended Learning Classroom experience in the International Council for Open and Distance Education Conference takes me to San Juan, PR this week where I will be webcasting the Learningtimes virtual classroom and presenting with Renata from Japan, and Doris from Venezuela our working paper: “Harmonics Online –The Blended Learning Classroom”. Notice that we gained a voice and are now harmonizing ; )

With the innovative spirit that characterizes us, I want to follow the webhead’s practice of joining these activities online inviting you to come support us in this attempt to present our work to a live audience at the University of Puerto Rico in Rio Piedras on Friday August 5 from 3:00 - 3:30 pm EST (19 GMT). If you want to witness the presentation from my Learning Times office, let me know so to set up enough seats for everybody.

Of course, I am expectantly wondering how this will work!

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