sábado, agosto 06, 2005

Blended Learning Classroom in San Juan 

Success. Our panel on Gaining a Voice was well received.

I like Renata’s description of it:

"This is a structured presentation talking about the four aspects of the Blended Classroom, discussing Online Tools, Participants, Social Presence and Interaction, with a focus on suggesting how to invest the new (and possibly faddish technology) with a human element (interaction/social presence) and a structure (Blended Classroom) while lowering hurdles to change and professional development in this new field by offering exploration of online elements in a safe but global context."

People came to me at the lobby to report that they’ve registered at Learning Times and in the case of a fellow from El Salvador, he is ready to collaborate advancing the access to open source technology. People there are ready to meet and experience interaction on line. You can watch the webcast here

Thanks everyone!

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