jueves, agosto 04, 2005

Live from the International Conference 

Yes, it is happening.... a gathering in San Juan Puerto Rico of Distace Learning Educators from LatinAmerica. No, we cannot take for granted access to the internet so I\ve spent the morning moving the presentation to a laboratory where the internet access is more reliable. Installed Illuminate in about 18 computers... delighted to leave that capacity in the lab.... but of course, missed the pleanary meeting. There was a heated discussion about the virtues and barriers of both the face to face and the virtual education. Issues of the development of social skills in children seem most prevalent.

Now a colleage from Illinois is reviewing collaborative learning.... using blogs and wikis in addition to the learning environment....


more to come xxx

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Bravo Karen,

your co-presentation was succesful both in terms of technology with no observable problems (from my online presence), all three presenters had their microphones working well, and there was apparently not much a confusion during the session. I mention these trivialities because we do know from past events how tricky these sessions can be, especially when connecting from new locations, such as you managed to do today!

I'm blogging this session at worldofwebheads.blogspot.com
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