miércoles, octubre 12, 2005

A moment with Noam Chomsky 

Walked out of the auditorium, totally absorbed and headed to town. At my side among pedestrians was a tall young man walking along. I asked him, were you at Chomsky? Where else he said! with a grin. Good, perhaps you can help me understand what he said about culture… how it is incoherent to his understanding….that everything is genetic. (For me culture is in juxtaposition to the genetic formulation, contextual)….

Well, he said… in relation to the internal/external characteristic of language, culture is like language. Biting his nails he says … “I think Chomsky is an internalist”

I said…. I don’t know much about this… ME either -he said. I asked him what his studies were----- music he said… we both laughed hard in our realization of the impact the lecture had on both of us and in our trying to decipher his ideas.
Amazing…. still wondering what it all means.

I am impressed with having heard Chomsky yesterday in a reception taking questions from students, then at a lecture at the University of Massachusetts and another lecture that night at Hampshire College titled "Democracy Promotion, Past and Present-Rhetoric and Reality".

You can view the lecture following links from Hampshire College here,
or go directly to the stream file using Quicktime http://stream.hampshire.edu:8080/links/Chomsky_10_11_05.html

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