viernes, octubre 14, 2005


to (hot water) ji (healing) ba (place) and the 21 day rule of healing
Duncan Ryuken Williams speaks on “Hot Water Buddhism—Japanese Buddhism and the Culture of Bathing, Purification and Healing”

Interesting talk about the subject of hot springs and the healing of suffering/ailments in Japanese Buddhist tradition. Heard about “esoteric Buddhism” (pre-Buddhism) and deities in nature… streams, mountains. How in tallies (inventories) of temple’s and shrines possessions hot springs would be included.

By cleansing your body you cleanse your mind…. developing Buddhist compassion through bathing.

Learned about hyperiminentalism that Japanese Buddhism considers the sacred as within, unlike India that places it outside.

I also learned that there is a hot spring in Yokohama…. hmm.

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There is? We must check it out next time you come.
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