martes, noviembre 08, 2005

Here again, blogging....about silence 

and noticing how this act of reflection and voice is quite controversial. Expected of course since the idea of a voice without control is a fundamental challenge to hegemonic social order. So while my expression of thought, doubt, senses, ideas and "passions" is liberating, its impact on the audience abstract and unknown. Imaginable but fiction. That is, devoid of feedback and/or comments here I can go in a ramble for the sake of my expression. But the external judgment and consequence of my voice is somewhat speculative and predictable in the "scheme of things"... in the order of discrimination and oppression. That is, how do I control my expression according to my expected resulting regulating response to my voice. So regulating my expression... "censoring", has become a guiding principle in my interaction. Yes, a silencing function. So why blog, and for whose benefit?

That is, what is the benefit of blogging since the media keeps documenting the dire consequences of blogging in the academy. If you look at a previous post here:..... you can witness the effect blogging might have on the hiring of faculty. This consequence is again presented in a newspaper article today "Blogging Prof Fails To Heed His Own Advice" at the New York Sun. I must admit, this impending consequence has an impact on my own blogging. I won't go into details of the arguments presented in that article... only of my understanding that blogging is as much research as any other. The issue becomes making the "procedure", "results" and/or "outcomes" valuable and desirable in academic circles. And I think gaining academic value in blogging is inevitable. Let's review the value of ethnographies and apply the same function to blogs.

What impact on my blogging does the threat of a consequence has? Well mostly whatever the review of the dynamics of silence and liberation would bear. (noticing that a spell checker would be nice here).... In addition to expression, blogging is a skill demanding language competence and moral maturity. It is interesting to view this whole issue of morality, attitudes and motivation in cyberspace. Of course going into definitions always helps, but for the moment I will accept the stance of morality as consideration of "the other" that being the witness of these words--- (or "potential witness" as I greet robots landing in this page). The question remaining how to ensue a dialog... that being the main attitude... intention of transcending an establish thought and evolving into yet new realms of "communion", understanding. And here we could go into the benefits of my having "MY" voice instead of "OURS"... yes, I am getting cryptic here. You might say RSS feeds are a way to gain the “joined voice”… I don’t know…. I still think the reciprocal conversation is key.

So in that note I will end this entry. With the acknowledgment that small snippets of thought could be conducive to a “reply/comment” and hopefully dialogue. What do you think?

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