lunes, noviembre 21, 2005

Marking a presence at WiA Convergence 2005 

Feeling satisfied and appreciative of those who came to Learning Times last Friday and Saturday (my time) to hear two presentations that Renata and I prepared for the ocassion.

We first spoke about "blogging out", going beyond reflection in the use of blogs for teacher development. There is so much there to contemplate.... Renata's seminal work keeps evolving as we move into issues of self-disclosure, privacy, risk taking and critical pedagogy for empowerment.

On the second presentation we spoke about virtual communities and how because of the online nature of the interaction the context could be conducive to the development of cults instead of truly multicultural environments. We focused on the participant's sense of vision for the group and we moved towards a group's mission. It was fun to review the history of the group in a timeline and to project memories into a time capsule.

The program read:

Threads of Reflection: Teacher Blogs in Action
Presenters: Renata Suzuki (Yokohama, Japan ) and Karen García (MA, United States )

Abstract: This roundtable advances the use of reflective teacher blogs beyond narratives of teacher experience to focus on interactive classroom management modes based on an expanded 'blog-classroom loop' (Suzuki,2004, http://www.kyoto-su.ac.jp/information/tesl-ej/ej29/int.html ) feedback model that includes students. A case-study serves as the basis for exploration and discussion. Participants will learn about teacher blogs as extended support networks in the classroom and beyond.

The webcast is available at Learningtimes press here to get there.

We got nice reviews! Thank you Graham for your posting at Blog-efl.... take a look :

"I also attended the sessions on:

'Teacher blogs in action' by Renata Suzuki and Karen Garcia (again available to listen to at Learning Times). This was an extremely interesting presentation, which turned into a stimulating debate about various aspects of blogging."-- Hats of to WiAOC

Making a time capsule with the webhead's vision and mission on this first convergence. Presenters: Karen García (MA,United States ) and Renata Suzuki (Yokohama, Japan)

Abstract: As we meet for our first "webheads convergence” we face a significant mark in our timeline worth documenting. Our first formal meeting offers a significant opportunity for us to reflect about who we are as an organization, a Community of Practice. This forum and live conversation will offer all participants a place to leave a statement about who we are, learn about each other and help formulate where we are leading in the time to come.

The webcast is available at Learningtimes press here to get there.

A pdf file with the convergence's "playbill" is available here (from the convergence's Moodle), and recordings from the activities sessions can be accessed at links here. An amazing activity!

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