domingo, noviembre 27, 2005

Nominations Wanted 

Nominations are being accepted until the 4th of December for The Edublog Awards 2005. Only current edubloggers (those who have a blog with posts about education) can nominate blogs to be part of the vote.

I quickly nominated Renata's "Getting There" blog (http://grankageva.blogspot.com/) for two categories:

1. Best teachers blog and 2. Best example/case study of use of weblogs within teaching and learning

You can go witness the amazing job she has held in sharing her reflection about teaching English in Japan. Her blog meets both criterias because it is not only a teacher's blog, but an amazing systematic representation of her teaching as a conduit for motivation and peer learning... kept for over a year now.

To nominate her blog you need to go to http://incsub.org/awards/the-edublog-awards-2005/ and copy a templet which you are then to e-mail to 2005awards@googlemail.com

The contest is both at the nomination and voting stages since only the four most popular nominations will become the nominated entries for vote between the 5th and 17th of December.

So while at it I also nominated this blog.... http://lajaulavira.blogspot.com/ for "Best individual blog". And here I am thinking....this business of nominating requires tenacity!

And hey, why not? I am an individual, and this IS a blog... so of course this is the Best Individual Blog!

So with your help, we will achieve 3 winning nominations:

1. Best teachers blog: http://grankageva.blogspot.com/

2. Best example/case study of use of weblogs within teaching and learning: http://grankageva.blogspot.com/

3. Best Individual Blog: http://lajaulavira.blogspot.com/

There you go!

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Hola Karen cómo es el procedimiento para para participar o la manera de mandar el Blog según las categorías que aparecen en uno de tus enlaces. Gracias.
Alfredo Ascanio
Saludos Alfredo,

Que gusto recibir tu comentario. El proceso de nominacion requiere que tengas un blog (lo que te cualificaria de ser un "edublogger") y que envies tu nominacion por e-mail a 2005awards@googlemail.com . La lista de nominaciones la encuentras en http://incsub.org/awards/the-edublog-awards-2005/ .

Avisame si necesitas mas informacion.


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