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Representation of self as critical ethnography 

Surfing I also find of great interest the effort documented at Who's afraid of the big, bad blog? to encourage blogging and establishing criteria for success. In this article a list of "blogging principles" sets the tone for IBM's encouragement to its employees to blog.

We need to do the same, we need to set the tone towards the use of blogs as tools for credible information in which information is published worth citing. The academic value of blogs most be accounted. So in essence, much like an ethnography... blogs allow for the advancement of a knowledge base from its emerging form and function. Likewise it is for us opportune to resolve the subjective and critical nature of our examination. An for that matter the need to spouse "critical ethnography" as the theory and the method of reflection.

More to come, as I read Soyini (2005) Critical Ethnography: Method, Ethics, And Performance. CA: Sage Publications

I will leave a quote from her book about the "positionality" of the ethnographer who "feels the moral obligation to make a contribution toward changing those conditions (of suffering) toward greater freedom and equity. The critical ethnographer also takes us beneath surface appearances, disrupts the status quo, and unsettles both neutrality and taken-for-granted assumptions by bringing to light underlying and obscure operations of power and control." (p.5)

This is of interest as we look at blogs as context, as an online environment offering a rich and deep layer of knowledge. As voices emanate online, a dialogic, critical ethnography offers in dialogue a movement "from ethnographic present to ethnographic presence by opening the passageways for readers and audiences to experience and grasp the partial presence of a temporal conversation constituted by the Other's voice, body, history, and yearnings. This conversation with the Other, brought forth through dialogue, reveals itself as a lively, changing being through time and no longer an artifact captured in the ethnographer's monologue, immobile and forever stagnant." (p10).

So blogging we must risk showing our self in representing our presence critically, with purpose.

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