viernes, diciembre 16, 2005

"Darwin is the most important person ever to live on earth..... 

he really cracked it... althought he was wrong on heredity... lacking the distinctiveness of Mendel"

just finished watching Charlie Rose interview two amazing scientist from Harvard... James T. Watson (molecular biology)and Edward O. Wilson (biology too). What a treat! to hear mature voices talk with certainty and authority about science while remaining awed by history. They talked about how there are two certain laws: 1. that everything is explained by physics and chemistry (and biology/genetics testing those limits) and 2. how natural selection remains a force in evolution...

a discussion about cultural/genetic evolution kept me standing right by the tv... to make sure that what I knew all along was supported by these priviledged brains... who spoke about the brain (Darwin's citadel "that cannot be taken on direct assault") and how in addition to the seminal discovery of the molecular code. Knowing how we store information in the brain... or what is consciousness would be the next discovery.

they say that the study of biology and psychology its where its at!.... evolutionary psychology! ok, and then to hear how an example about violence makes most sense... that by social pressures there is a natural selection in which violence has been reduced.

the one hour program ended in a reflective mode.. about the true nature of humanity... on "the taming of the human species.... the creation of a just society, when biology is unjust!" definitely food for thought... specially in relation to the issue of creating lesson plans for peace studies... definitely worth addressing evolutionary psychology!

and then I notice that my current read of Bateson's Steps to an Ecology of Mind leads in nicely. I was inspired to read it while reviewing Charlie Badenhop's reading list of the ideas influencing his Seishindo(tm) practice, and after revisiting Alexander Lowen's books on bioenergetic... integrating body and mind.... more later....

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