viernes, diciembre 23, 2005

I am MOST DEFINITELY not into censorship 

and try not to be rigid, dogmatic and gravitate towards the mixing and matching of ideas. That, even to the point of seeing the virtues of supporting "faith based" human services with public funds ... BUT don't push it!

When silencing others and forcing ideas around I go for the separation of religion and state. And that seems to be a trend that was "corrected" this week by Philadelphia's supreme court's decision in ruling against Intelligent Design being taught in the schools.

The article in the Christian Science Monitor explains this issue more thoroughly.

They say:

"Intelligent design holds that nature is so complex that random natural selection, as argued by Charles Darwin in his 1859 theory of evolution, is an inadequate explanation for its evolution. Instead, the natural world must be the work of an unnamed creator."

Here again, it is evident that you can start by exploring the limits of science and religious dogma could go rampant.... as in negating
the "truth" .... in the science of knowledge.

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