viernes, diciembre 02, 2005

Make feminism yours, durable, rebellious.... 

The halls of academia were packed listening to Sonia Alvarez. A delightful talk. Interesting approach to information sharing. She had a slide show that had nothing to do with her presentation, and passed along documents gathered in various National/International women's gatherings. I was most interested in looking at a book in which she had published a chapter to see how she highlighted and made notes about her reading.

The topic was women organizing through out the world. A historic account of feminist gatherings before and after Beijin. It also signalled the future upcoming gatherings this year, were women in three regions of the world gather at the same time. For the western world the meeting will be in Caracas.

I found it most interesting that the regional and local representation of women worldwide still brings the issue of the "ephemeral, not organic" advocacy and activism. The sophistication of the women's group to follow up on the policy making efforts of the UN was acknowledged as well as the linguistic dominance of English for communication. Also of interest was her acknowledgement that from the east region of the world, Latin America is most western... now, that is interesting! So as Latinos we don't feel integrated to the north, and as westerners we share culture and not language.

The lack of acknowledgement of the internet in the organizing efforts of women through out the world was most baffling. At a private interchange she did lead us to do a google scholar search which under her name renders 397 items!

The email announcing the lecture read:

please circulate

Wednesday, November 30
"Latin American Feminism in Movement: Global Contentions and Translocal Connections"
Sonia Alvarez, Leonard J. Horowitz Professor of Latin American Politics and Studies and director of the Latin American Studies Program at UMASS, Amherst
The final lecture in "Unsustainable Imperialism, Mutinous Feminisms, and Antiracism," Second Annual Women, Race & Culture Lecture Series Fall 2005
Time: 5:00 p.m.
Location: Neilson Browsing Room

Alvarez is an internationally recognized scholar of transnational feminist movements with a focus on Latin America and current president of the Latin American Studies Association and has directed the Hemispheres Dialogues Project. She was a member of the National Advisory Board of the Ford Foundation's Cross Borders Program Initiative. Dr. Alvarez is the author of Engendering Democracy in Brazil: Women's Movements in Transition Politics, and co-editor of The Making of Social Movements in Latin America: Identity, Strategy and Democracy, and Cultures of Politics/Politics of Cultures: Re-visioning Latin American Social Movements. Dr. Alvarez is a member of the international advisory board of Meridians: feminism, race, transnationalism, whose editorial office is based at Smith College.

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