viernes, diciembre 02, 2005

Surfing blogs I find 

that posts of interest to me have a general pattern deserving distinct examination. And that indeed, while sharing a common theme, editing and posting demands quite a bit of skill. So I decided to break into two posts what I had here as posted in 11/30/2005 and now showing as more current. My templet does not allow for tweaking the date.

Thinking about blogging and the portrayal achieved here in this blog as I go happily linking along and finding patterns of interest. I want to stamp here my appreciation of finding at Askains "The world of the blog" a link for The Work of Jonathan Harris a Real eye candy!I try to stay up-to-date with the Oldaily and from there fly into the wonders of some of its leads to academic blogging. Definitely an interest. There at Blogscholar I find some links to a blog called elsua which puzzles me for a number of reasons; one of which is its being from the Canary Islands (and my finding a curious affinity to my Puerto Rican heritage... as verbalized by my dear professor Luis Fuentes once back from a trip there, would go into great detail about how our Spanish language is mostly influenced by the language spoken at that "small continent" as the blogger labels the place.) I can hear the Spanish influence to the island of PR from the Canary Island as well as from the indigenous influence of the people of Venezuela. That last recognition influenced by an excibit of the indian patterns of migration in the Caribbean presented at the "Instituto de Cultura" in San Juan. But hey--- that is yet another topic... the binds of language.Elsua's blog has interesting comments to articles being published about blogging concerns as in the case of the increase in spam (splogging) as documented in an CNET article and another about the threat of loss of employment due to blogging. The extent of the concern being to the level of a pandemic as the following statement by Tim Bray reads:
"Uh, ladies and gentlemen of the blogosphere, I think we have an emergency on our hands." -- ongoing

NO KIDDING! My Journey Blog has 466 posts from robots.

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