martes, enero 03, 2006

about war and peace 

I have purposely stayed away from mainstream media here in good old USA but every now and then I come into contact with information that offers me the opportunity to take care of my remorse from the inertia, the doing nothing about the war that this country is waging against terrorism.

A friend sent me an article written by the local historian Howard Zinn called: “After This War” published today in ZNet. His convincing statements about how the war just has to stop brings forth the motivation for me to look for ways to act. And writing about it here is just one way….. wondering how by the acknowledgement of an awareness of a solid front from all of us we can turn around patterns in history and eliminate war from the face of earth! It just has to stop!

Right! So it is for us citizens to resist the path of war… and as he says “turn the human race onto a path of health and healing” drop by drop…

The article is worth the read, the source offers interesting publications …. And althought I have posted here my concern, I still wonder what else we can do to abolish war in this civilized world.

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Found your blog through the yahoo groups emails I've been receiving since I signed up for a class. If you have a chance, I recommend first this blog then later the book: http://cbftw.blogspot.com/
This kid has a gift. He has given us the voice of the My Space generation at war and shown us a point-of-view of war similar to Heller's Yossarian in Catch-22.
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