martes, enero 31, 2006


I've been making reference to issues raised in a webcast at Learning Times where James Farmer was a guest speaker as part of Evonline's blog06 · COLLABORATIVE BLOGGING IN ESL/EFL workshop.

There we met for an hour trying to decipher Farmer's voice-- literally. Don't ask me how problems with audio happen, but they happen... and also having people from the whole world meeting in a virtual room brings issues of interpretation about the use of words. Yes, I wondered about the meaning of the word insubordination, conversation vs. reflection and brass....

But more importantly is how we give opinions as facts, and then they are quoted as being that... that is a serious event which needs to be corrected.

Ok, so we need to review our research skills, learn to operationalize, and test for hypotheses and then speak with truth. Otherwise, we remain in the dark ages, no matter what we do with our brains! When I asked for evidence and support to the speakers conclusions (about blogs not working as tools for collaboration) I was directed to a publication and here is the link

You can also go to Learning Times and access the archived webcast recording.

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