jueves, enero 19, 2006

Between comings and goings 

cause, yes I've wanted to blog all these days....

I noticed again a short film in the Sundance Channel. It is a collage of media, animation, still pictures and film "About Life Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness".

I managed to jot down their web page address: lifeliberty.net which lead to The Filmconnection.org. From that site people in the USA can borrow films to show in groups. I like the fact that through film and discussion social action could take place. Actually, I would like to see social action happening here through blogging, but, I don't know how strong can my voice and this medium get.

The list of films there at The Filmconnection.org is truly amazing, and the short film on life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness worth seeing.... perhaps a cyber version would someday appear.....

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