sábado, enero 28, 2006

Going all out building links 

hankso I finally inserted a bloglines blogroll here. For the readers benefit because I have set my bloglines feed as my homepage. It remains to be seen how long that lasts. But for now it is interesting to see the patterns in the feeds pertaining to the activity levels of the sources as well as the number of subscribers that the sources have. At that point you can see the links that those in turn have, and the sources increase exponentially! and there goes the bottleneck. Who is the world can catch up with all the information???

In addition to my habit of grabing links and placing them in bookmarks, I've gone wild just blogging the links into the bloglines blog... thinking that for an information economy, that source works best because of its ease of posting. I tried to do the same here with the blogthis option in the top and have ended sending the entry to a different blog... so no go with that approach.

So today I moved forward in creating links with those folks who have either subscribed to this blog publicly or whose interest might develop into an open "conversation" to coin James Farmer's term.... to see if it happens. Or if me, myself and I wil remain in a bottleneck cheered at times by a few friends passing bye. HEY, I am not knocking it! Thank you for the wonderful comments.

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