martes, enero 24, 2006

Innovation in midst of... resistance to change. 

Seems contradictory, and it is. But hey, what else is new.

Here I am on my third year participating in the Evonline seminars which so dutifully the virtual colleagues put together online for the L2 instructors of the world. It is nice to witness my own comfort with the technology both of online teaching as well as about the teaching of English. Not that I am a language instructor, cause I am not, but by association with them beings I have managed to tackle issues I've been avoiding..... as in: ta ra ra raaaaaaaa!!!! "... the function of language on culture". But more on the function of language later -- much later actually.

Now I want to capture my wonder about the prevalent use of Yahoo groups as the preferred medium for the communication of hundreds... no thousands of messages. It is soooo amazing that with the sophistication about onlline tools for instruction this group of people have they choose to perpetuate the lineal and non-categorized use of an e-mail list for online training.

This ritualistic use of a list serve seems to have a form of it own, an archaic use of traditional structures... much like the maintenance of primitive means for the maintenance of "the familiar". Nothing, that forums would allow for organized threads, and learning environments would allow for a contained depository of information and resources which is available at the OpenSourcED server and in other private servers, for that matter, but instead the information is deposited in YAHOO. ????

Unbelievable! I guess there are people still using typewriters and white out... and pens and pencil for that matter.

I am also concerned about leaving the information and content in servers owned by strangers. Not only do I have difficulty in just leaving my work in public spaces and in servers.... yes yes, blogger is one of such....but the possibility of loosing all this information. The possibility of the owners choosing to lock the portal is always there! The same threat is true with all my emails kept at yahoo. How could all of this be backed up?

How could TESOL, the sponsoring organization rely on YAHOO for archiving the dynamics taking place in the workshops? I cannot understand that.

So in addition to the technical issues of use and access of information I am very much enjoying the challenge offered by the sense of overwhelm, overload and inspiration from reading the communications shared in the workshops. Enough for tonite, I will make it a point to keep my postings short and snappy.

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