miércoles, enero 25, 2006

me, myself and I in reflection I think 

although conversation would be nice. Every now and then I get surprised by a comment here and there, thanks to those daring visitors. I've thought about how to make this place more of a conversation, and remain puzzled by that thought.

Not that I think it impossible, on the contrary... desirable and wanted. But lately I've been hesitant to burst into communicating, mostly because of needing to find the "right" tone of voice.

There is the intellectual, academic, objective and pedantic use of words that would give authoritative messages... or the tentative, apprehensive words tip toeing not to make waves. And then to break the chains of dichotomy, I could just move on happily into conversation between me, myself and I and still call it reflection.

All of this to summarize my day. Yes, done with the review of messages addressing the issues related to drama and language teaching... and finding it interesting that the difference between public speaking and acting is the masking of self behind some character.... and in the just-in-time workshop looking for hints about how participants in a course could become involved in the creation of the syllabus. And then in the blog's session at Learning Times agreeing with Farmer's assertion that blogs are not really instruments for collaboration. However his reliance on rss feeds for such purposes are questionable, since they are bottlenecks to me.

An hourglass is the solution, to pass the narrow point and expand into interaction, new ideas and exploration... sounds good... reflection, conversation and exploration. good enough for now, done for the day!

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I was also wondering about the different voices we adopt and have recorded my thoughts in another new blog I opened for the Summer School workshop. I was surprised to get so many replies and comments to that post as I had not advertised it in any way. I wonder how people got there. Why are RSS feeds a bottleneck for you? This is how I see whether blogs (like yours, for instance) have been updated and when I have a little time I post a comment.
I read marco polo's blog about listening more to podcasts than following up blogs because it saves time or something...for me podca.sting has just not caught on, not least because I don't have a player of any kind, and when i am really shattered i like flitting around the blogs of people i love and respect, hoping for some golden light to cheer me up and give me inspiration. I really like this entry, because it is sort of true, none of this masks bit or academia bit, a tiny soul shining in space, like a lighthouse, wondering and wanting and sending out short bursts of light. That voice is something no list of links can give you. In fact when i just followed up some links to other blogs i get more and more suggestions to go there, do this, look at this, with no sense of having arrived at any nugget of truth, just chasing the wind.
I like bee's comment about the RSS feed allowing her to see when someone she likes has posted. I guess I should do that too, but being a member of x number of mailing lists, end up checking my mail and follow them rather than blogs...
And so i end up here, and am grateful. Loving the warm big person here, and the sharing, thank you lajaualvira,

Thank you dear friends for helping me breach the existential abyss!

I left a comment at Bee's blog which I want to capture here. It's essence addressess my discomfort with buzzwords so easily used... "consensus”, “collaboration”, autonomous.... and my aim to make cyberspace a nurturing, and expansive place for exploration.

"...the being autonomous, the impulse to collaborate... the separation into roles... autonomous for what?

I rather be co-dependent... stay centered ... and voice the experience in the continuum of a wonderful self... relating to us (while) building the most amazing chain of co-dependent links among us wanting to hug into a bright codependent agape of learning"

You are great!
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