domingo, enero 29, 2006

Renaissance Soul is what it now is called 

My mother called it jack of all trades and master of none.... and she also believed in the survival of the fittest. I call it being multidisciplinarian, being a generalist... constantly brainstorming and a multitasker par excellance! About the survival issue, I think there is the luck of the draw too.

But no, these are the add's and hiperactive, non-commital beings who are very creative and encounter great difficulty in finishig anything.

But Margaret Lobenstine here did manage to finish writing her book and I was most lucky to be in a friend's house when the first copy was delivered to her. I became most interested in the process and hopeful to publish my own. We struck a bartering deal and perhaps we can coach each other. She can help me see my book done, and I can help her develop her coaching online.

Not that she need much coaching.... her webpage "to get unstuck" is a wealth of material. And her book is a feel good book. Must take some time out of my busy doing a bit of everything schedule to review the copy she gave me.

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