viernes, febrero 03, 2006

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I just left a comment at Marco Polo's blog and since the "blog this" option is open decided to advance the reflection which the entry instigated. I am mostly focusing on the inpact that "communication technologies" have in the discovery, creation and advancement of knowledge. Not only is the online environment evolving in its infinity, but patterns are being formed in the sophistication of its production.

That is to say, like any media that there is the contribution of seminal concepts, the repetition of old stuff with new words presented as new and owned when in fact its origin lacks and gets lost in our quick use of links. We must fully acknowledge sources. Now, the question is.... how are blogs cited and will they ever become respected sources for reputable publications?

So when he states:

"Exactly what this impact is, however, I'm not clear about. I want to talk to people around me about it, but nobody seems to know what I'm talking about..."

I would have to join in the wonder because we will never know---- e-x-a-c-t-l-y !

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