lunes, febrero 13, 2006

Encounter,feedback,and disclosure in communicating. 

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While getting ready to present with Renata Suzuki Threads of Reflection: Teacher Blogs in Action at the Mofet Institute's virtual conference:
"Opening Gates in Teacher Education, 2006
Meeting the Challenges in Education and Teaching"
Feb. 13-15, 2006
I've been thinking about this blog as a place for disclosure and feedback. And I immediately gravitate back to my years of experiences with T-groups, (sensitivity training and encounter groups) and studies about human communication.

In thinking about useful models to show how interaction is possible through blogs and other online tools, the concept of "Johari window" comes to mind. It is great to re-visit a simple model that conveys so clearly the impact that disclosure and feedback has in communication. The picture included here serves to examine the potential that posts (disclosure) and comments (feedback) have in increasing public knowledge.

Thinking about blogs as interactive spaces is exciting. Lately through rss feeds and blogrolls new connections appear. I was delighted to notice a comment on the post below from Dan who on his blog Unfoldingleadership considers many of the issues about communication deserving discussion.

I am curious to see how interactive these tools could become as a source for reflection about my "practice" as well as receptacles for feedback and encounter.

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