miércoles, febrero 15, 2006

Indeed Daring ! 

We winged it!

And nothing like pictures to deepen a description.

Social Presence in New Places indeed. What a trio... Garcia, Suzuki, and Molero an amazing combination. yes, daring!

We joined a handful of people in Israel early in the morning for me (3 am to start with) for a second presentation at 6 am. By then we were wild with having been booted out of the platform, and needing to find a different way to enter each time, which of course required yet a new password. Looking back a the experience, it is amazing that we managed to show some interaction.

Alot was behind the scenes. The pictures sent to me by Doris show a totally different view. And seeing them I realize that the three of us were sending messages to participants trying to make up for the lack of a text chat area which is so central to the message we wanted to convey... (we ARE daring !) that when we get toguether from all over the world are times for interaction... yes, I heard it refered to as "conversation" in monologues-- hugh??? (conversation, the newest buzzword!) We call it DOODLE... and doodle we did!

And we TRIED to make up for our niftie map in which each person places a mark indicating where they are from... well, well... all we could do this time was a survey. And that took some doing since only 5 options were allowed... notice the options: Africa/Middle East, Europe, The Americas, Australia and Far East

Fortunately Renata & Doris were finding the participants' locations and we learned some where in Trinidad Tobago (of course I immediately gave a Caribbean greeting) and others identified as being from Turkey, Canada.

That we managed to show interaction,,, was the last I heard in the audio from one of the hosts as we finished. In "essence" would say we reached a Grand Finale.

Thanks Renata and Doris!

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