sábado, febrero 04, 2006

International Virtual Conference for Teacher Educators - 2006 

the schedule is getting close to final and hopefully we will be there at the correct time. It keeps being a challenge to figure out the time around the world. And even though it is clear that using GMT for time as the common referrent is a must, it gets confusing to figure out details once we look at new directions in the world and at new environments.

It is exciting to experience the limitations of new virtual environments and to creatively patch uo the options. We will be using Interwise as the interactive platform and it is fun to think about dion doodles as a means to maintain an interactive /participatory approach. DARE TO DOODLE© !!!! The learning curve remains steep... that of communicating, period. While influencing, and explaining is draining at times, the reaching to new groups is exciting.

The link here goes to the conference program. On February 15th I will be presenting with Renata and Doris our work on blended environments and blogs for reflection.

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