miércoles, febrero 01, 2006

Reading about virtual communities and getting ready to write.... 

realizing that the gradation in levels of privacy online may have an impact on the strength of relationships formed. Notice the use of the word "strength" and how figurative it is in virtuality.... can that be non-physical? And essentially the openness of this medium (this blog) for anyone's access has an impact on my choice of words. Then of course the means of communication (text or voice) further come into the equation. So no, I have not gotten into podcasting yet although it would be interesting to see (hear that is) how the message varies.... and in terms of text, as it is here, how in a learning container -behind the walls of a password, the "reflection" would deepen. The bottomline is.... should I be vulnerable infront of strangers? and for whose benefit? (Why bother?)

So in this "open channel" of communication with friendly visits from those who leave their comments we model the hope of making a great big link of beings trusting and challenging each other to learn and transcend.... in the abstract.... and in the wide open.

So this is an invitation for you to participate in this conversation. I am curious, what would move you to add a comment?

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