domingo, marzo 05, 2006

Looking at "A Few Images of Puerto Rico" 

Unfolding Leadership: A Few Images of Puerto Rico a nice post about Dan's journey to Old San Juan worth looking.

I am always impressed by the sensitivity and receptiveness of those who allow themselves to witness a new place, culture and experience. Not only it is fortunate to have had the opportunity to share with Dan his journey to San Juan, albeit virtually.... but the pictures he took are treasures! Take a look at his Flicker file.

There are two pictures in his blog that are also amazing!

In his post he talks about noticing a "thin veneer" of USA influence, and acknowledges the domination that Puerto Rico has been under. I am struck at the concept of "a veneer" being prevalent in midst of the many attempts at domination. I see colonization having deep and penetrating effects in people and society. But the impressions of a first time visitor are always illuminating... and his photography certainly is captivating.

Perhaps the humor of the people in Puerto Rico is a means to transcend the domination that as he acknowledges is noticeable in the commercialism of fast food and brand names. Nevertheless, that has not eliminated the vital energy of its people so evident in their humor and calid, physical social contact and the music... Salsa!

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