jueves, abril 27, 2006

Interrogate Reality ! 

Jonathan Kozol spoke at Amherst College today.

"Invitation to Resistance --Strategies for the Defense and Transformation of Our Public Schools"

I was glad to have met him. His talk was interesting because of the fact that he was urging priviledged young people to take risks, resist, become insuburdinate...

and here I am, many years older wondering what is the fundamental change required for making a significant contribution to justice in society. No, I don't think that bussing is the solution, althought if you have to, you got to. He also mentioned changes in the constitution to include education.... and then I recollect the ERA, and what that lead to... bilingual education, and how that has vanished... and on and on. I liked his confrontational approach as he mentioned about his preaching in churches and stating something to the effect of enjoying saying.. "I am a Jew talking to you evil Christians...." type of thing..... Ohh my God!

and definitely there is no rest, inequity prevails, and he gave the statistics. for me it is a shame that returns on educational achievement levels are still different for different people... yes, gender, ethnicity, race being the most obvious factors joined at inequality... but then I go as far as questioning the value of formal education in general.... and wonder if educational achievement is such a big deal.... why should school drop outs be punished for resisting staying in oppressive institutions?

I was talking away with a reporter for the college newspaper... and then I realized that what I was saying was up to his interpretation... here we go again --with the vulnerability of having a voice. I will link up to his writing once I find it. here it is at the Daily Collegian he did a good job!

It was great to have met Kozol... this is definitely a priviledged community that allows people of his stature to come chat with us. and challege our participation in keeping oppression alive. amazing, just like the 70's !

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