viernes, mayo 12, 2006

Reflection about reality and the meaning of it all 

an ongoing review that of reality and meaning. It must be due to my search for work in the physical world, the one that for the time being steers me back into the metaphysical... but that quest for enlightenment is not what I had in mind to start with in this post.

No. I had in mind a "mundane" comment that schooling for the privileged is, as stated by Chomsky an issue of access to "high culture"... which should be available to everyone. He goes as far as to say that:

"(t)here is no reason why working people should be deprived of those opportunities today, and it has nothing to do with whether they should be also given the kind of training which will allow them to enter the economic system. You can do both."*

Unfortunately education does not directly lead to entry into the economic system, and access to knowledge as a "high culture" is unavailable for survival.

The issue about different returns for education according to demographic characteristics remains. Not to say that the aesthetics of high culture are not intrinsically valued by the working class.. of course beauty is desirable... but so is greed for some. And then, how can we value all, including simplicity and protect the right for survival, to start with and nurture growth as a humane act.

*Interview: Noam Chomsky in Thought & Action, Vol. XXI, Fall 2005. 93-102.

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