domingo, octubre 22, 2006

bits and pieces 

they are scattered... and the idea is how to gather them into a coherent whole... not that I could not tolerate chaos... there is something creative about that... but the post about the designing of educational/presentation materials in a neutral fashion is still working in my brain. You see... an attempt to lessen a charge in a communication renders it incomplete... it seems to me more appropriate to represent reality in its fullness and enjoy the differences and similarities of that representation.

And about representation using text... it is interesting to witness the competence to convey a self in text, even when it is biased in its form, as in my use of English at the moment. But it seems that the media here is available to explore divergences in the use of words. Ok, I'll refrain for erring in poor grammar.

but, to the initial concern with neutrality it seems to me that as a preference it also becomes charged with value and therefore, not neutral. .. as in the proper use of English without accents... oopps, better run the speller!

Oh well, more of the same for a change.

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