viernes, octubre 20, 2006

Google For Educators 

Google For Educators

This looks interesting!!!! Google is offering a package of tools for educators to use in some organized fashion as in developing educational projects. There are a couple of webcasts hapenning and a list of the tools owned by Google which are available for free.... earth, maps, Blogger, Calendar, Picasa.....

I know, I know... you tube is not in the list yet.... and yes, Skype is owned by e-Bay not Google.... somehow, I am still not fully convinced that a comercial group has the virtues of opersource... but I LIKE GOOGLE! they feel nice.... in general. I like Yahoo too actually, but lately its been strange not to see much happening by chat... people must be in packaged places.... like the one Google is aming to develop... we'll see.

anyway, check this out

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