lunes, octubre 02, 2006

I met the founder of PANDORA: Tim Westergren 

and he spoke at length about the Music Genome Project.

Notice there is a link on the right bar leading to the one effort that has caught my attention as deserving support. As soon as I get my finances in order and become rich, I will send them a contribution.

He spoke about the history of the company and about the intent of supporting musicians by giving them exposure to the huge population available online. The amazing thing about the project is how it catalogues the listener's preferences and utilizes it for fine tuning the music selection that is offered. Preferences in music are also utilized for pushing advertisement. I was surprised to realize that each desktop received different advertisement according to demographic and music preferences.

There were a couple of interesting issues in the discussion. One was someone's conceptualization that Pandora was about music and not social engineering-- which I did not agree with. I also disagreed with his views that bloggers are an objective group not biased in their reviews by bravery… (I did promise to wear the t-shirt and cap he gave me.) There was a mystique in the understanding that the quality of music is based on a trained ear... a discussion about the subjective or rather, their claim of objectivity in categorizing good music based on a good ear.... OOOOOk, I am not a musician, BUT how about the opportunity to teach about music, or further, about telling me how you perceive me as being.... (regarding my patterns in choice of music... or as he calls it... thumbing).

I listened to his business model and was surprised that he was concerned about patents, and marketing, and somewhat conventional in his approach. I mentioned how I could see the great potential of making his database open content, and urged him to go for broke tomorrow when he meets with the "guys" at Harvard's school of business and at MIT.

Interesting guy and fantastic project..... If I had a rating system, it would be broken by Pandora's Music Genome

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