martes, octubre 10, 2006


Culturally Generic Writing

Among the many email lists I receive, this one sparked my attention… enough to search for its web version and activate the “blog this” option that is now always available on my task bar.

The issue of a “culturally generic” language is interesting to me because it actually entails a negation of its instrumentality to create culture. It’s a paradoxical premise that a universal culture is attainable through a value free language. So if language creates culture, then it is a laden tool unable to convey neutrality. However, there is a belief that there is the possibility of attaining a global language… symbolically it would be.

Oh well…. Just a few thoughts.

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I know this comment's a bit late, but I find this utterly fascinating. To me, it's a sign of the ultimate in assimilation--and an ideal that we really *cannot* attain, no matter what we do.

Language evolves out of cultures--cultures shape language. Language and culture shapes everything about us. To me, a universal culture would be a culture that is boiled down to nothing and, if it's being put together by Anglo-centric Americans, would most certainly, underneath it all, reflect Anglo-centric sensibilities.

yeah, what a crock. and after a few years, they'll be looking to more "colorful" cultures to breathe some life into the darned thing.
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