sábado, enero 27, 2007

do we ever learn? 

Its been about 27 years since our local radio show was re-instated after the community took over the University's administration building in protest for it being taken off the air. Twenty seven years have passed and again the administration eliminated the program about two weeks ago.

This time we met in the administration building with the university's and radio station management and requested that their mistake be corrected. They returned half the time slot to the program. Tomorrow is the first shortened radio show. And we will be meeting again to follow through with our request for the administration to correct their mistakes.

Stay tuned... I think there is an internet link to the live stream.


1. On Sundays, at 8:00 pm (EST), go to http://www.wfcr.org.

2. Next to the right to the white box with the 88.5 fm, is the box titled NOW ON WFCR. Hit the bubble "LISTEN NOW".

3. Click on links that apply to the program through which you will download the program to your computer:

Thanks Noemi for the information.

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miércoles, enero 03, 2007

The Gender Genie 

The Gender Genie

I was initially psyched about finding an application that would analyze a particular corpus to determine the gender of the author.

After cutting and pasting the whole "blogging out" article, the results were wrong! I wonder if the technical nature of the content had anything to do with it.

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martes, enero 02, 2007

EVO 2007 Call for Participation - 

EVO 2007 Call for Participation - For six weeks , participants can enga...

IT'S AGAIN THAT TIME OF THE YEAR ! Time to register for EVO 2007 ---my fourth year joining discussion about language teaching and uses of technology for it. Take a look at this year's options.... no, I won't tell how many I registered for.... (I would register in each and everyone of them... but its too much!)

See you there!

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