jueves, febrero 22, 2007

No big pronouncement 

other than this thing on blogging is really an interesting process. What has been reflection, has become grand standing, censorship, silence and now, back to the same. At times I have been amused by those who say that they will stop blogging, to then come back to voice themselves.

And here I am thinking that here I can say what is important to say, with regards to who is reading and with the freedom of speech that not only this society supports and values, but my consciousness also deserves.

which really means that I am aware of a "formal" tone that this place is taking for announcements of activities taking place around me without my editorial comment of what they mean to me.... which is the "gusto" that this place is missing!

so with regards to the title of this post, I am therefore not saying much more than that. at the moment. ;0)

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viernes, febrero 09, 2007

online activism 27 years later 

Click here to join tertuliaenwfcr
Click to join tertuliaenwfcr

I am involved in a struggle with the local public radio station which
eliminated a Latino/Puerto Rican program of 25+ years.  The story includes
their previous attempts to do that and how the community activism a quarter
of a century later is much different.

We are now mobilizing a campaign by e-mail!


In a community radio station, we are using the the microphone to broadcast
our indignation... there we have free speech.

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viernes, febrero 02, 2007

Mesmerized looking at that angel! 

paintings/obra: http://www.rosaibarra.com/

I visited Rosa last night for a quick tea. Had never been to this home before... I was impressed by her paintings, her images on that personal space... those definite treasures silently present in that cheerful space! Must have been the adornments in the trees, the lights, and candles. I had seen her paintings exhibited in the museum... but never in the intimacy of her kitchen having ginger tea.... could not take my eyes off Aria. Rosa's company was also such a treat. We still have so much to catch up.

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